Papa Nero, Mouresi, Pelion, 37012
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Agapitos Villas & Guesthouses constitute a particular type of lodging. Its traditional architecture, amazing locality, furnishing but at the same time the friendly and familial character that it exudes, create a mix of relaxation, comfort and luxury, that is immediately felt by visitors.

Our guesthouses were built differently than the traditional guesthouse models, trying to come as close as possible to the latest tendency in hospitality. That is for the guesthouses to remind actual country residences, combined with the friendliness and hospitality of its owners, allowing the visitor to feel at ease with the premises.

Browse our website, choose one of our guesthouses and make it your home, even for a few days.


Agapitos Villas and Guesthouses is located in Mouresi, near Papa Nero. Built in the top of hill, between Damouchari and Papa Nero, the guesthouses offer a unique view of the Aegean, that few other places can offer.

Its strategic location -300 meters from Papa Nero and just 30 km from the ski resort Agriolefkes - makes it an ideal destination for both summer and winter.

View the path you can follow to visit us, depending on the means of transportation you choose.


Agapitos Villas & Guesthouses consists of the Elisavet Guesthouse and the all new Elia, Ortansia, Gky, Manolia, Kastania, Rodi, Chloe, Kamelia and Fteri Villas. The Villas & Guesthouses' names were the compeling factor as far as their decoration was concerned. Every single one has specific references to the old Pelion architecture and neoclassic buildings. Futhermore, Marilena Guesthouse is also built nearby, with clear Pelion influences in its construction.

Agapitos Villas & Guesthouses offer a variety of rooms and lodgings, that can fulfill the needs of all guests.

Hostel    * Εlisavet  ,    * Marilena

Villas    * Maisonettes,    * Houses & Suites,     * Superior Double rooms


Restaurant "Stathis"

Stathis Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants not only in the area, but in the entire Eastern Pelion region. The restaurant is an oasis of taste, owned by veteran Chef, Stathis Agapitos.

The restaurant's terrace oversees St. John, the magical Papa Nero beach and the nearby mountains. Here, you can enjoy the famous traditional Greek cuisine, with the distinct tastes of Pelion.

Also in the restaurant's area, you can enjoy traditional breakfast with local jams, fresh tiganopsoma, donuts and amazing traditional pies.

In Stathis, we are proud of combining different flavors for your enjoyment. Pelion specialties such as fresh fish, lamb in vine leaves, kochi grantine, sasianos al orange and many others, promise a meal to remember.

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